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Stock Update

We appreciate your patience as we work through the current supply chain and manufacturing challenges presented by COVID-19.  Below is our forecast for the availability of our most popular products.


Lip Glosses

LG01 available now
LG02 available now
LG03 available now
LG05 in stock now
LG06 available now
LG08 available now
LG09 available in early October
LG10 available now
LG13 in stock now
LG14 in stock now
LG15 in stock now
LG16 discontinued and no longer available
LG17 in stock now
LG18 in stock now
LG19 in stock now
LG20 available in early October
LG22 available in early October
LG23 available now


Matte Liquid Lipstick

FS43 available now
FS44 available now
FS45 available in late September
FS46 in stock now
FS48 available in late September
FS54 in stock now
FS55 in stock now
FS57 available now
FS58 in stock now
FS59 available now
FS60 available now
FS61 available now
FS62 in stock now
FS64 available now
FS65 available now


Liquid Shimmer

SHM01 in stock now
SHM02 in stock now
SHM03 available now



ST6A available now


While we make every effort to meet the timelines shown above, there may be circumstances where we need to further update the anticipated availability dates.

Updated September 23, 2020

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